Dear Animal Lover and Nature Enthusiasts,

I am Mustang Sally. I chose to name my new adventure Magic Meadows. The original Magic Meadows was a standardbred race horse training farm in Elgin, IL. This is where I was the most happiest in my teen years and where I met my husband, Mike. Sad to say a few years later the property was sold and is now a subdivision.

The years passed and we took many other paths. Our dreams unfilled.

Caring for my Mom who was dying from cancer made us realize how fragile life really is. Mom’s death and having my childhood passion and dreams haunt me day in and day out pushed me forward. I had to make “something” happen to move us closer to a life worth living. Having more life behind us then ahead of us caught our attention.

It easily took us 15 years of looking at many properties to locate a farmette suitable to our needs. We finally found our new home, Magic Meadows which is located outside of Wonder Lake, Woodstock and McHenry, Illinois.

I sit and plan where Magic Meadows will grow and go in the future and I have to admit Magic Meadows is taking on a life of its own. Spurring my inspiration in ways I could never have done in any of my previous chapters of my life.

My siblings and I were fortunate to have parents who allowed every kind of animal in the house. Mom who lived in the shadow of Mt. Rainer, WA had cows, chickens and dogs just to name a few. She knew and understood animal husbandry. Our parents shared their love of animals with their children.

I bring this love, this passion, this dream of being a Stewart of Animals to Magic Meadows and in turn Magic Meadows is evolving into an Alpaca farm. We even have plans underway to add ducks for duck eggs, even a locally grown vegetable garden where we use the best compost in the world today; Alpaca compost. And of course a place where horses will always have a home to be just that, horses.

Magic Meadows will be a farm where others can come and learn how to care for all types of animals, a farm to come and heal, a farm to even expand their dreams.

I can joyously say each day I get to walk into a happy barn to hear the horses nickering and the barn cat meowing and alpacas humming.

God Bless,
Mustang Sally