Services Recommended by Mustang Sally:

I met Dr. Kathryn Golden soon after our first cria was born. Dr. Golden got down on JoaSea’s (our first cria) level  to connect with her. Right then and there I knew  her love for camelids was spoken loud and clear. I will always call upon her for our wonderful alpaca herd.


When I met Traci a few years ago I was inspired. She shared with me her life work and a passion that goes beyond words. My husband and I finally were able to visit her vision. We both walked away feeling humbled and honored. As soon as you walk into Dream Riders you are greeted with a smile and an uplifting energy.  We always knew horses brought the best out of people; until our visit we didn’t realize how true this was. No breakthrough is too small for the staff to share and celebrate! These amazing horses and people bring hope and joy to those around them. Dream Riders offers therapy services and riding lessons. If you are in their back yard stop in to be inspired. They also accept donations.


We met Myra and John hours after JoaSea (our first cria) was born. JoaSea had a hard time coming into our world. The vet made a call to Myra explaining our situation. Myra and John didn’t hesitate to have the vet send us over to get goats milk and a nipple to feed JoaSea.  For the next 2 weeks Myra saved fresh goats milk for us. Since that day they have been there for us and we visit their farm to buy locally grown vegetables, turkeys and winter squash.


Mike and I became members because this co-op represents where we see Magic Meadows in the future. A place where local business can produce and make local products for consumers.


We were so happy to locate a local feed store to buy alpaca grain. On our first visit we noticed fresh chicken eggs, we just had to buy some. Best decision ever. Whenever we need alpaca grain all we have to do is call and within a week we are on our way to pick up our order.