New Roads and New Beginnings!

Why Magic Meadows?

I was 2 weeks old when Mom and Dad moved to Streamwood, a small community with a population of approximately 5,000. It was not a problem for my sisters and I to ride our bikes through the whole village in less than a day.

Mustang Sally’s 1st pony

So many times I would pretend my bike was a horse. How I wished and dreamed about having a horse of my own. Whenever I had the opportunity to pet a horse, I would make sure I didn’t wash for the longest time and hold them close to my nose and inhale the magic of the horse.

As soon as I was old enough to be with horses I would scour the newspaper for a horse job until one day at the age of 15 I came across a 3 line advertisement in the local paper jumped out at me. Very simply written:

Help Wanted

Standardbred Horse Farm

555-555-5555 photo

I was in Heaven. Working with horses and not just everyday horses these were Standardbreds, (harness) racing horses! Even though I had no clue what a Standardbred was. Not to mention seeing a horse swim and swimming horses! And this is where I met my future husband, Mike, who also has a love for horses. What an exciting adventure.

After those glorious days and the many years that followed, I did my best to get back to my Heaven.

My Magic Meadows is much different than the one back in the 1970’s. My new Magic Meadows is a 5 acre farmette, located in unincorporated Wonder Lake. At Magic Meadows not only do we have horses but we have Alpacas, a Barn Cat named Samson and in the near future we will be adding many new animals and locally grown vegetables. I know I will renew my Spirit and Joy.  And once again I will feel like that 15 year old girl that had a dream come true at the original Magic Meadows.

Magic Meadows Koi Pond
Magic Meadows Alpacas – JoaSea our first cria
ZuZu & Luke enjoying Magic Meadows