Magic Meadows Alpaca Farm is located in rural Wonder Lake, IL.

Come for a visit and enjoy an alpaca experience today! Call Mustang Sally @ 708-309-1316!

Magic Meadows Alpacas enjoying their pasture time!

Shirley and JoaSea
Magic Meadows Alpacas

We wanted to raise animals for enjoyment and not for slaughter. With this in mind we decided alpacas would be the way to go. We bought 2 beautiful females. Shirley & Chloe. They came to us pregnant, so we thought. Shirley had a beautiful baby girl we named JoaSea (pronounced Jo Ah Sea), after my Mom who’s name was Joanne and she grew up in the suburbs of Seattle in the shadows of Mt. Rainier. In 2017 Chloe gave us a heatlthy boy and we named him Magic Meadows Rainier; after Mom’s beloved mountain. And 2 weeks later Lady Guinevere gave us a boy. We named him Sir Galahad.

In 2019 we are hoping JoaSea will deliver a healthy cria along with her mother Shirley and Chloe.

Lady Guinevere
JoaSea snoozing in the sun

We are planning on having live video feed so you can watch all the alpacas and even see the crias (baby alpacas) grow. Maybe one of them will be yours?? Why Not? If you are interested in owning an Alpaca call Mustang Sally at 708-309-1316 (purchasing a cria? you may have naming rights!)



2017 Crias – Rainier & Sir Galahad


Alpaca baby
Chloe with Magic Meadows Rainier
Magic Meadows Sir Galahad & Magic Meadows Rainier