Mustang Sally knows her way around animals intuitively!

Animals always respond to her calming nature in a positive way.

Sally is an animal lover first and foremost. She grew up in the northwest suburbs surrounded by livery stables and trails. Animals of all kinds were always a major part of her life. She grew up with fish, turtles, cats, dogs, rats, ferrets to name a few.

Sally first learned to care for horses at the age of 15. She answered a simple help wanted advertisement  in the local paper for a groom on a Saddlebred racing farm. There she learned the importance of “basic horse care.” Part of her daily activity included feeding, mucking stalls (using straw for their bedding), swimming horses, harnessing horses, jogging horses, paddocking a horse for a race, wrapping legs and even the use of medication. Which she shares in her basic horse care in her webinar…


Horse Care Basics (click on picture to sign up for an amazing educational webinar!)

Throughout the years, Sally has worked as a trail guide, stable hand (groom) for small and large riding stables along with racing and breeding farms.

With so many animals in her life, Sally learned how to properly care for wounds and administer medicine. She has the medical experience to handle emergencies until the proper vet care can be administered.

Sally spent many years in the corporate world unhappy. After a major turn of events in her life and no job prospects. She returned to her first love, animals.

She knows how to care for animals and brings this knowledge to each and every one of her pets.

Sally has successfully rehabilitated many abused animals; in fact, most of her own pets have been rescues, including her American Saddlebred, ZuZu.

Mustang Sally is an author, a teacher and is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross