She gets paid to talk to the animals-Chicago Tribune
Because she boards her American Saddlebred, ZuZu, at a stable, Sally Kazanis understands how devoted people are to their pets. This, she explains, is what makes her a thoughtful pet-sitter.
“You trust someone else to take care of your best buddy if you can’t be there,” said Kazanis. “It’s not easy. You’re anxious. You’re worried. I know.”
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What makes Mustang Sally unique is that I have a complete understanding of the needs of pet owners. I can relate to their anxieties of having to leave their animals in the care of someone else. I board my own horse because I have limited space on my property. So, I took a good deal of care and time in finding a facility that had the same ethics, standards and passion that I do – because like all pet owners, my horse is my life. I relate well to animals which is something they can sense. They feel comfortable with me.
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